Best Bike for 9-year-old Boy

Best Bike for 9-year-old Boy

Best Bike for 9-year-old Boy

Best Bike for 9-year-old Boy

If you have a 9-year old boy, then fulfilling his first bicycle experience is important. Kid’s first riding moments will forever remain in their memories.

Allowing them to enjoy fun moments of riding with their buddies is priceless. That is why choosing the best bike for your kid is vital. A good bike for your little one is necessary in order for him to get the best experience he can.

Choosing the best bike for your boy is not an easy task. It requires research. You need to consider several factors before going down to shops and buy. You need to choose a bike that is safe and easy to ride.

If you are on a budget, you will also need to look for bikes that are affordable but do not compromise the durability and quality.

Since they are kids, you may want to get a bike that is easy to assemble and does not require too much maintenance. His bike must be free from mechanical problems.

Luckily, this article will help you get the right information about bikes and help you narrow down the choices when selecting the best bike for your kid.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bike


The preference for the size of wheels will depend on the level of experience and age of the kid. For kids aging from 9 to 12 years old, 24 inches’ wheels are the most ideal for a comfortable ride.

Make sure to purchase a bike with wheels that are suitable for your kid’s age. Aside from size, the width of the wheel must also be considered. Wider wheels provide more traction which is safer to use.


Before buying a bike, make sure to consider the weight of your child. It is ideal that the weight of the bike must not be more than 32% of your kid’s weight. Above this might be overwhelming. That is why you need to ensure you buy a lightweight frame as possible.


Hand brakes are usually positioned in the left and right of the handlebar. Having this type of brake may require a few more skills compared to coaster brakes. This type of brake can allow your kid to ride safely on off-road and hilly terrains.

On the other hand, foot brakes require your child to backpedal. If your kid is a new rider, then this might be annoying as you both pedal forward and backward. But foot pedals are more ideal for beginners compared to handbrakes.

It is recommended to get a bike with hybrid brakes so that your kid will be able to use both and can learn which one they will become more comfortable with.


A bike having single gear can be easier to pedal and more comfortable to ride with while multiple gear bikes are more ideal for experienced riders as they allow your kid to traverse on harder terrains.


It is also important to choose a durable and sturdy bike that can withstand any circumstances especially for beginners as they are more prone to hitting walls, falling, crashing, and more. Most bikes are made of aluminum and steel.

Top Three Best Bike for 9-Year Old Boy

1. Mongoose Legion BMX Bike for Kids

Most freestyle BMX bikes are often expensive. Luckily, the Mongoose Legion BMX is very affordable for a freestyle bike that allows you to do several gimmicks and experience a different level of riding excitement ideal for kids.

The Mongoose Legion BMX Bike comes with several components for freestyle riding. It has high-quality parts that are designed to provide a riding experience that mimics adult-size BMX bikes. If you are tight on a budget for your 9-year old kid, then this Mongoose Legion BMX Bike is a life-saver.

You can get this unit for an affordable price without compromising its quality. Having this product can ensure you of durable and more years of riding experience. The Legion BMX has a steel frame and weighs around 37 pounds which is not too heavy for your kid particularly for boys who are still new to freestyle riding.

The Legion BMX has a 25/9 cassette set up with a small sprocket that provides a good gear ratio for freestyle riding. The Mongoose Legion BMX Bike uses 3-piece tubular crank tubes and alloy pedals that provide better stability and durability in the unlikely event of crashing.

The Mongoose Legion BMX Bike also uses U-brakes with a rotating hub at the front in order to prevent tangled cables and gives you worry-free handlebar spins. This unit includes a 36 spoke allow wheels and freestyle oriented tiles.

There are pegs installed at the rear and front hubs which makes the bike suitable for stalls, grinds, and more. Overall, the Mongoose Legion BMX Bike is an impressive bike. It combines quality and components that make a decent entry for 9-year old kids.


– High quality

– Affordable

– Great value for money

– Ideal for freestyle riding


– Heavy

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2. Guardian Kids Bikes Original

The Guardian Kids Bike is a lightweight and easy to learn to bike suitable for a 9-year old kid. It has a low-step height and is pre-assembled. It comes with all the tools you need to set up the bike. It has a single-speed feature that is perfect for everyday use and for beginners.

Aside from the single speed, the Guardian Kids Bike also has 6 and 7-speed options for experienced riders. It comes with a Shimano Grip shifter with a window that allows you to easily switch between speeds. This lightweight bicycle is very easy to ride. The bike is designed to have a low center of gravity in order to help your kid improve balance. it being lightweight contributes to easy steering and maneuvering of the ride.

When it comes to safety features, the bike is constructed to ensure the maximum safety of the rider at all times. The bike allows you to activate both the rear and front brakes with one lever for convenience. The frame of Guardian Kids Bike is made of first-class aluminium which makes the bike lightweight yet sturdy. Its bikes come with superior-quality parts that make the bike durable for a long period of use. It also comes in diffident colors so your kid has a lot of options to choose from.

This bike is suitable for kids aging from 5 to 10 years old. If you want an entry-level bike that will ensure your kid’s safety, then this Guardian Kids Bike is the best choice. It has a Sure Stop braking feature that can ensure your child’s safety making it perfect for kids at a young age.


– Lightweight

– Ideal for beginners

– Sure-Stop Brake

– Multiple speed options

– 99% assembled

– High quality


– Brake lever can be hard for small hands

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3. Huffy Kids Bike for Boys

The Huffy Kids Bike is easy to assemble a bike perfect for your young boys. This bike requires easy and few steps for assembling. It has a pre-installed front wheel and comes with screw-on pedals. This Huffy Kids Bike is ideal for kids with a height from 44 to 56 inches. The Huffy Kids Bike has a sleek black and orange color accent.

It has 20-inch rugged tires and full suspension. This 6-speed bike is perfect if you want to give an awesome riding experience for your kid. The Huffy Kids Bike has a Shimano derailleur combined with a twist grip shifting for a smoother transition. Its removable rear derailleur guard can protect its gears. The Huffy Kids Bike also comes with rear and front pull handbrakes which provide dependable and consistent stopping while riding.

The frame of this bike is made with high-quality steel with a limited lifetime warranty. The bike also has rear spring shock that can absorb bumps and Kolo front suspension fork for a smoother ride. Its trailing tires offer excellent traction both in dry and wet conditions. With its great design, this Huffy Kids Bike is a good value for money. If you want your kid to experience adventurous riding, then this product can definitely be one of your choices.


– Essay to assemble

– Requires fewer tools

– Ideal for 9-year-old kids

– High quality

– Sturdy bike

– Cool design

– Affordable


– Front brake cable a little bit short

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Giving the best bike to your kid can help them gain confidence as well as help them develop their motor skills. Getting the perfect bike for your boy will also help them achieve wonderful riding moments that will surely last forever. Fortunately, the market is offering a wide variety of bicycles with different features that will surely fit your kid’s riding requirements and preferences. Whether your kid is a newbie or a pro, these products mentioned above are some of the best bikes you can find in town. If you want to give your kid the best ride of their life, then check out these amazing bikes.