How to Store a Bike in an Apartment

How to Store a Bike in an Apartment

How to Store a Bike in an Apartment

How to Store a Bike in an Apartment

Bikes offer a great way to work out. You can burn those calories while taking in the scenes on your morning rides around town. But each time you get home you find yourself second-guessing your purchase.

Your apartment, limited on space, has no place to accommodate your bike. Lying around in your home it sure looks like an accident waiting to happen.

Space restrictions shouldn’t be your excuse for not owning a bike. With the right storage solution, it is possible to fit in multiple bikes in an apartment of any size.

We’ve compiled a list of innovative bike storage solutions in an apartment. They not only help maximize smaller spaces but also enhance the aesthetic appeal.

To get started with, you want a storage option that:

  • Takes up the least amount of space
  • Is designed to be practical and attractive
  • Is secure
  • Has features such as additional storage space, adjustable components or foldable designs for added functionalities.

10 Ways to Store Your Bike in an Apartment


Mount it on a wall

The first and most convenient bike storage option is to utilize wall space. You can mount your bike on the wall. Doing this puts it out of the way and keeps you from bumping into it.

Where should you hang it? Anywhere you want. It could be your living room, where you’d normally display a fancy television or your bedroom or above your workstation in the study room.

It has, in fact, become a fad to hang a bike on the wall. Find a designated wall space that can fit a bike between your family photos and decorative wall pieces

There are several handy ways to mount a bike on a wall. The easiest and cheapest is to use screw-in wall hooks. It secures the bike using individual hooks to grip the bike wheel, single or both.

Bike hooks allow you to hang a bike vertically or horizontally. Also, depending on the amount of wall space you can afford to spare, it can be placed parallel or perpendicular to the wall.

Not far behind are wall hangers and brackets. They take your bike off the ground hoisting it by means of the top tube. Wall hangers are designed as vertically and horizontally mounting units.

They also feature adjustable arms enabling bike owners to decide the optimum distance between the wall and the bike. Thus, as a bike owner, you can go with what is best suited to you.

Bike enthusiasts often advise against hanging a bike from a single wheel as the uneven distribution of weight puts pressure on the wheel. They recommend hanging a bike by both the wheels or two points on the frame.

Hoist it up high

Using the ceiling to store a bike makes for a sensible decision in an apartment short on floor and wall space. Given the height, a ceiling is not usually used for anything.

Suspending the bike from the ceiling keeps it out of the way while effectively making use of space that would otherwise go to waste.

This is an ideal bike storage option in apartments with a high ceiling. If, in addition to a small-sized apartment, you are stuck with a low ceiling, you will have to first determine the position of the hoist carefully.

The best location would be a non-traffic area. You can mount a bike flat against the ceiling or hang it vertically.

If you want to hang a bike from the ceiling, you can use hooks, hangers or a hoist. A pulley system increases the convenience of lifting or lowering a bike; a feature quite handy if you use your bike regularly.

In comparison with ceiling hooks and hangers, hoists have a more complex installation. It is important to choose a hook, hanger or hoist with an appropriate weight capacity to avoid disasters.

Some pulley units have auto-lock systems for added security. S-shaped hooks are the sturdiest when trying to hang a bike from the ceiling.

Wall shelves

Shelf mounts function like brackets or wall hangers for bike storage but do much better in terms of their looks. From minimalist to ultra-modern designs, they double up as an impressive work of art blending in with the rest of your furniture.

Wall shelves have an edge not only because of their looks but their sturdiness too. Built of heavy-duty materials, they offer the right amount of support to bikes keeping them well-secured while levitating them.

Most designs also feature extra storage space for your helmet, keys, biking gear, and some books too. What more can one ask for from a classy bike shelf?

Get a bike stand / rack

If you own the apartment, you can always go ahead and drill holes or fix new hardware. But for rented properties, any structural change needs to be approved by the landlord.

Getting a bike stand to hold your bike is a viable option here. A bike rack dispenses with the need to drill or fix screws into the wall. They are standalone units that can be placed on the floor, leaning against a support wall.

There is a diverse range of bike racks to choose from. They are built to accommodate from a single bike to multiple bikes in the same unit. Depending on the model, they can be arranged side-by-side or stacked one on top of the other.

A multiple bike stand is a great option for families that love to go cycling together and have a need to store multiple bikes. Foldable bike rack designs are even more practical.

They can be collapsed and stored when not in use. Thus, they can also be carried from place to place. Freestanding racks are not very good-looking with their low-tech, industrial look. But they do the job of creating a clutter-free space.

While most bike racks are free-standing, there are plenty of models that can be secured to the wall for additional support. Where there is ample vertical space, a floor to ceiling rack could the considered.

These designs are built to hold multiple bikes. They feature tension rods to secure them in place as against free-standing racks that use gravity to stand upright. Select designs are also adjustable for heights.

Camouflage with furniture

If the walls, the ceiling or bike racks are not feasible indoor storage options for you, use a furniture unit to double up as bike storage. Large display units and bookcases are the best candidates.

You may have to remove a middle or upper shelf to create space enough to fit your bike. It depends on whether you want to position it vertically or horizontally. You can also think of using an independent shelving unit for your bike. Just make sure it is wide enough to support it.

Shelving units help put your bike off the ground. It does not involve installing a wall mount. And, it is a great use of space.

Slide it behind furniture

Don’t want to make structural changes? Short of cash to buy extra wall mounts and bike racks? In that case, hide your bike behind large pieces of furniture – the high-backed couch, the movable armoire, the dresser, the bookshelf, or even the entertainment center.

It is the simplest, least-demanding solution of all. However, you need to ensure there is enough clearance space between the furniture unit and the wall. Because no matter how sleek the bike, you cannot forget the jutting handlebars and peddles.

Hang it under the stairs

In many multi-level apartments, the underside of the staircase is often left out as a storage option. If you want to maximize the space in your small flat, you’d rather use it to keep your bike.

It is a better option than leaving your bike outside exposed to the elements. One way to do this is to simply slide it under the staircase.

The other way is to hang a bike using heavy-duty hooks fixed to the underside of the staircase. You need to ensure that the underside is sturdy enough to support the bike holders.

Stash it in your coat closet

If you are not too comfortable with your bike sitting on a wall or dangling from the ceiling, put it away where no one can see it – in your coat closet.

Although it sounds goods, it is doable if you have the luxury of a coat closet. Usually located closest to the entrance door, a bike stored in a coat closet is easy to access.

Using a coat closet to store a bike, might require you to do a bit of reshuffling. Hang shorter coats and sweaters to clear space for your bike. Shift your long coats to your main wardrobe.

Utilize your balcony or patio

If you have an attached balcony, you can utilize the added space to store your bike. No doubt, it involves moving outdoors, partially, but it is an option you should consider.

You can simply place your bike against the railings, use a bike rack, or secure it to a wall using hooks and hangers. The only downside of storing a bike in a balcony is the likelihood of theft or damage by weather elements. You can work around the problem by using locks or a bike cover.

Mount it on a door

No extra wall space or floor space? No coat closet or under the staircase place? Don’t want to hang your bike from the ceiling? You still have one more option – a mount on the back of the door.

You will need a vertical mount for the same. It positions the bike flat against the door. It is best to choose a door that is not opened too often. The weight of the bike coupled with that of the door can make it difficult to operate.

Indoor Bike Storage – Before you Buy

Now that we’ve gone over the different options for bike storage, here are a few tips to consider to make the best purchase and storage decision.

  • Small apartments also range in sizes. It is not always about having extra space. The secret is to use the available space creatively.
  • Decide the area where you would like to hang your bike. If it is a high-traffic or common access area, you need a storage solution that puts your bike out of the way else it would cause mishaps. The length and width of your bike are figures that you can use to determine the amount of space you need.
  • Check the weight or size of the bike. You don’t want the hook or bike holder to buckle under the weight of a heavier or oversized bike.
  • If you plan to store your bike in an open access area, you need to think of implementing additional security measures. You need locks and anti-theft accessories to secure your bike.
  • Test the quality of fittings and fixtures. Your installation is only as strong as they are. They should be sturdy enough to bear heavy weights.
  • With use, bikes get dirty and greasy. You could end up with scuff marks on your wall if you are not careful. Wall mounts and fixtures with plastic housings and trays for the wheel protect your walls. Choosing hooks and hangers that extend from the wall also help shield it.
  • Always confirm with your landlord if you are allowed to make any changes to the property. If not, you may have to pick from on-the floor options only.
  • Settle for storage options that are not too complicated when it comes to assembly and installation.

Storing a bike in a space-limited apartment might seem like a real challenge. However, it needn’t be given the myriad options available to you.

There’s the ceiling, the walls, the floor, under the stairs, or a closet. And with easy-to-assemble and install fixtures, it only gets easier. In the end, it is the layout and size of your apartment that has the main say.

Keeping your bike indoors rather than outside keeps it safe while protecting it from environmental elements. So, evaluate your options and use the tips above to make the best storage decision.